Tiziano Volatili




Tiziano is a PhD student at the University of Camerino. He earned his Msc in Geoenvironmental Resources and Risks at the University of Camerino. During his Msc program, he worked on qualitative and quantitative fracture analysis in carbonates in Central Italy (Majella Mountain) and stochastic Discrete Fracture Network modelling (DFN). After his graduation he spent 4 months at Shell, Projects & Technology (Rijswijk, The Netherlands) as a visitor, where he deepened his knowledge about geological modelling and fluid flow simulations.
His current research deals with fracture analysis by means of digital outcrops developed by Structure from Motion technique, finalized to the production of flow simulations aimed to investigate the role exerted by structural and lithological heterogeneities concerning hydrocarbon storage or migration in deformed reservoirs.


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