5-Tide-dominated strait-fill deposits

Neogene to Quaternary successions of southern Italy are punctuated by a number of tide-dominated deposits, which are characteristically represented by cross-stratified mixed or bioclastic sandstone bodies, often encased between offshore claystones. These successions suggest tectonically-confined basins, where powerful tidal currents acted as major hydrodynamic factor for sediment distribution. However, vertical and lateral facies reconstructions reveal a complex suite of depositional environments characterised by very different hydrodynamic conditions during the sedimentation, because of the interaction with other local elements. These models provide facies contrasts and complex 3D permeability/porosity transitions that are indicative of an intimate interplay between local tectonics and high-frequency, relative base-level changes.

 image042 image044 
The picture above represents a cross-stratified, mixed siliciclastic/bioclastic succession characterized by bundle cross-lamination exposed in the Miocene Amantea Basin, southern Italy. In the bottom left picture, uni-directional foresets indicating a persistent tidal current flow in the Massina Strait of southern Italy are shown. Tidal cross-beds truncated by a debris flow deposit are reported in the bottom right picture.