2-Mechanical stratigraphy

Mechanical stratigraphy investigates the role played by the mechanical properties of a rock multi-layer on the deformation mechanisms. By mean of detailed multidisciplinary analyses, we investigate the control exerted by sedimentological and diagenetic factors on the following processes: (i) preservation/modification of pore network characteristics (i.e. pore type, size, and distribution), (ii) principal failure modes (i.e. deformation banding vs. dilational fracturing), and (iii) fractures distribution across the investigated multi-layers.

The main goals of this project are the following:

-       to establish as lithological and mechanical properties variation impacts typology, distribution and density of fracture systems in sedimentary rocks;

-       to develop a comprehensive facies scheme and to provide a detailed reconstruction of the stratigraphic architecture of the studied rocks.

Example of stratigraphic logs across exposed mechanical interfaces, central Italy